What is Product ID and were I can get it?

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What is a "Product ID" (product identifier), where did it come from and what is it for?

Ecwid FAQ says "Product ID is a unique global identifier of a product, internal to Ecwid."


When we create new products (manually or via import), Ecwid automatically assign them an unique numbers. It's a product IDs. We can't change them.

If we edit some product's SKU, or title, or description, the product ID still remains the same. And if we delete some product and then re-create new one with the same SKU, title and description, this "new old" will have new unique product ID, automatically generated by Ecwid.

On the other hand, this constancy allows us to bind something (a picture, for example) exactly to the proper product. We only must use existing product IDs from already existing products, and never try to change them.

How to get existing product IDs from your Ecwid store? 

You can do it via export:


At the export stage you must check "Product ID" field (refer to picture). 

Product export columns to select

Then, use these values unchanged, when you create a CSV table for gallery images.

For easier understanding, I prepared several sample CSV tables that show the process step by step (of course, with IDs from my store), so, check the bottom of the article.

If you still have a questions, please, drop me a line.

Wish you a lucky uploads!

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